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Dance Fitness Classes and High Intensity Interval Training in Haywards Heath

Welcome to Unique Dance-Fit Company, where we believe in dancing yourself fit with fun and great music. Our very popular dance fitness classes like Zumba and FunkFit are easy to follow and suitable for almost everyone!

The STRONG 30 class is an effective way of completing high intensity interval training, as we up the heart rate for short bursts using energising music and moves. Boost your fitness level with a smile on your face with Unique Dance-Fit Company today!


Suave, smooth, sensual, Bachata is a Latin American dance that originated in the Dominican Republic in the 20th century and is now available in a special programme here in Haywards Heath.

Bachata Classes

Bachata and salsa Haywards Heath and Lindfield


Zumba® classes are an energising and fun way of getting fit! Enjoy dancing, positive energy, and professional choreography that is easy to follow. All abilities and fitness levels are welcome.

Zumba Classes

STRONG By Zumba Haywards Heath and Lindfield


Salsa lessons for you and your partner or in a group are fun, exciting, and great for your fitness. A dance style favourite, salsa lessons can be as fast, slow, strict, or loose as you’d like, so join today.

Salsa Classes

Introducing: Strong By Zumba®

Strong by Zumba® is a new generation of HIIT classes available in Haywards Heath. This group HIIT class is a music-led high intensity interval training workout that ups your heart rate and works all of your body at the same time. Because the music was engineered specifically for these high intensity interval training classes, you’ll be performing every exercise to an infectious beat. With added intensity, energy, and motivation, the Strong by Zumba (NOT DANCE!!!!) classes are dynamic and challenging, yet so rewarding! Find out more about Strong By Zumba® HIIT classes today.

Funk Yourself Fit with FunkFit®

FunkFit is a new dance fitness class that features Motown, 70s-80s funk and soul, and disco music to motivate your workout. There is no choreography to learn, all you need to do is follow the dance teacher’s move and steps in time to the beat. These classes are enjoyable, energising, and good fun, and will work you hard to improve your stamina and coordination. Discover more about our FunkFit classes.



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