STRONG by Zumba™


STRONG by Zumba™

combines high intensity interval training

with the science of Synced Music Motivation.

In every class, music and moves sync in a way

that pushes you past your perceived limits,

to reach your fitness goals faster.

If you’re looking for motivational and energetic high intensity interval training in Haywards Heath, then you’ve found it in the STRONG by Zumba™ classes. These fitness classes are entirely based around their music, employing the infectious rhythm that will keep you going throughout your workout. STRONG by Zumba™ classes are high-intensity cardio sessions, working out every muscle of your body whilst you move and push yourself like never before.

Let it Sync In™

These fitness classes are unique, because the music and moves sync perfectly to help keep you not only in time, but on beat and pushing yourself further. The routines were created first before internationally acclaimed producers like Timbaland reverse-engineered the process and created original music to perfectly match them. When you’re punching, kicking, and doing burpees, you’re in sync to the beat, meaning we’re maximising your output whilst also keeping the class invigorating and fun.

Fitness Classes that Challenge and Motivate

These Haywards Heath HIIT classes are ideal for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to try something new and a more challenging training workout. Unlike traditional work out programmes, where personal trainers choose their favourite songs or music is an afterthought, these classes have been purposefully built to the music we play. This helps to drive the intensity of your total body workout using your own body weight and your muscles by introducing a beat that is time with every move you make.

Moving in sync with music makes you work harder

Use your own body weight to work your muscles

Build your endurance, tone your muscles, and lose fat

Increase your afterburn

Work hard in a fun and energetic fitness class

STRONG by Zumba™ classes are perfect for you if you enjoy group exercise classes but are getting tired or bored of repetitive structures. When your movements are in sync with the beat, you’ll lose yourself in the immersive and high-intensity driven world of fitness classes. For the same intensity in just 30-minutes, try STRONG 30™ or for maximum intensity try STRONG 30™ MAX.

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STRONG by Zumba™ - Introducing a revolutionary high-intensity workout


STRONG 30™ Haywards Heath

(especially for BEGINNERS!!!)

TUESDAYS 18:45 (45 mins)

King Edward Hall





5 and 10 class passes are also available!


Last updated 11/04/2019

People from Brazil to the UK to Germany are all taking notice.

Check out what they are saying about STRONG by Zumba™:

“I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun doing a full-body workout (and sweating like crazy) – this program has potential for addiction!”

“Selten hat mich ein Ganzkörperworkout mit so viel Spaß (und Schweiß) gerockt – das hat Suchtpotential!”

FitForFun, Germany

“…there isn’t a single count down because the music makes it obvious when to start and stop, so while I can’t tell you how many squats we did, my aching glutes the next day probably could.”

The Evening Standard, UK 

“It’s a hard core-cardio workout, which pushes you past your own physical limits using an amazing playlist that you might find yourself missing outside of the class.”

Independent, UK

“Kicks, pushups, burpees and dance steps, all synchronized with music. This is the structure of the newest sensation within gyms: STRONG by Zumba™.”

“Chutes, flexões, burpees e passos de dança, tudo sincronizado com a música. Essa é a proposta da aula que é nova sensação dentro das academias: Strong by Zumba™.”

Vogue Brasil

“We did pushups. We did planks. We boxed. We lunged. We did basically every move that you’ve ever done in a HIIT workout, but instead of wanting to die the entire time, we actually had a blast…Think of it this way: If a HIIT bootcamp had a baby with a night out at the club, you’d wind up with STRONG by Zumba™.”

Elite Daily, USA

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